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How do the 3 common reading problems affect your child?


Word Recognition Problem

Word recognition is one of the first things a student must learn to be able to read.    Your child may have a problem recognizing words that affect his/her ability to phonetically decode the words so that they read aloud with appropriate expression and phrasing.   Studies show that oral reading fluency development is essential to comprehending what is being read.


Word Meaning Problem

A limited vocabulary may cause your child's reading difficulties.  Knowing what words mean and using contextual clues to decipher word meaning is also vital to comprehending what he/she is reading.   Expanding a child's vocabulary is as important to reading as the child being able to read the word aloud with accurate expression and phrasing.


Comprehension Problem

Comprehension is the reason for reading.   It involves the ability to read or hear written words, process them, and understand what they mean.   Reading comprehension requires literal, inferential, and evaluative skills.  Comprehension can be hampered when a child does not recognize the words and/or understand their meaning.

A reading evaluation can help you discover how your child should be taught! 

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